Freedive Training on Koh Tao Thailand @ Blue Immersion

Do you sometimes get to a point when your training doesn’t improve very much? You go for frequent freedive sessions but you aren’t able to make progress? This has multiple reasons, you either do things wrong without you or your buddy even realizing it or there are lack of information for further training. Additional courses do help definitely to increase ability. I was SSI Level 2 Freediver and loved my weekly sessions. This helps me to calm down from hectic work struggles. Guess you could called it work life balance at first which turned into a loved lifestyle. I felt limited with my freediving ability, so I started to check more about training online.

I looked forward to turn 30 soon, time runs and I am getting also an old fart soon I guess. So I thought why not take a few weeks off and do what I love most. This limited my time around my birthday, obviously, which is in March. So the date was set, around mid Feb to end of March.

I am diving cold lakes most of the time, so off to the tropics for sure. But where would be the perfect spot? There are just so many nice places around the world. We want to cut them down to the ones which are good for Freediving. Still many left, but we want locations with preferably SSI Freediving schools in my case Level 3 and the ability to teach Instructors. Now we get to a point where it’s pretty limited already, but still a few great options. So I checked the weather/seasons for these regions. At the end I decided to do it on Koh Tao with Blue Immersion for several reasons. Check the Website, they offer quite a lot.

Arriving on Koh Tao, I booked myself a nice apartment at the quiet part of Mae Haad (near the pier) but not a too far walk from Blue Immersion. So I put my luggage at the apartment and walked to the school. Found it nice and easy and felt welcome at the first second. The next day my Level 3 course started already. I booked a Master Training incl. Level 3 as well as Instructor Course.

Read a review about the Level 3 here soon =) Read a review about master training here soon =) Read a review about the instructor course here soon =)

To sum my experience about Blue Immersion up: I had a blast in Thailand and made serious progress but more important, I felt more secure during my deep dives than in the past. My static-problem was finally solved at Blue Immersion. I was struggling big time before I came to Thailand and I even started to hate it. Getting rid of mental barriers and learn more about static itself helped me to understand. At the end I even doubled my static comfort zone and increased my personal best. I was surprised and very happy. After solving that problem, everything became much easier – like a chain reaction. Additionally I got my “freediving bag” stuffed with great exercises for my future training back home.

At this point I like to thank everybody for making my stay on Koh Tao such a great experience. Special thanks to my coaches Nico, Matt and Thomas!

and some more impressions of the family at Blue Immersion

Never dive alone and let the stress at the surface! =)

Cheers Mirco

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