How To Become A SSI Level 1 Freediver

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Once I decided to become a freediver, I thought to myself what would be the best way.

Self teaching wasn't ever an option for me to be honest, because with lessons you get the whole range of information you possibly could need. From my Scuba diving lessons I knew, it all stands of falls with the instructor.

After checking online I found Freediving-Ostschweiz managed by Renè Trost with an awesome reputation. I know the diving program company SSI (a part of the Head group) from my OWD and AOWD Scuba diver and had a good feeling about also doing my Freediving career with SSI.

After signing in for the Level 1 course I got a very friendly email which approved my first feeling about Rene from Freediving-Ostschweiz. Becoming a Freediver also means to learn a lot of new stuff which is displayed modern and didactive online on the website.

With a lot of excitement I got myself on the way to Ulisbach near Wattwil.

After meeting a lot of nice people which have been in the same position as me, we getting further and deeper in our theory and later certainly everyone passed the exams.

Time to switch theory into practice and change the piece of paper into wetsuits and mask! :)

We started our pool sessions with Static Apnea.

Renè taught us, that our body forced us to breath because of our Co2 Level and not because we run out of Oxygen. After doing our Co2 table training, we (the students) have been able to hold our breath from 1:30min up to more than 3 min!

Up next was DYN (Dynamic) and showing our skills and proving we are able to do the minimum length required for SSI Level 1 Freediver.

Finally we get taught how to build a perfect (well, at least we thought that) duck diver so we are ready for the next days outdoor deep training. We have been lucky and the weather was quite good so we could hit the water at Caumasee rather than Walensee.

Me at this awesome Caumasee.

Nothing can get wrong there, right!?

Stretching is very important to get good results at freediving sessions. Additional point is to get very calm and mentally well balanced. So we did a few exercises for that, too.

Finally we are approved to get into the water to do pass our minimum of our deep dive.

We had to show our duck dive, reaching a minimum of depth, take off our mask during dive and very important how to safe somebody!

The conclusion of this fantastic weekend is: guess what, the start of this hopefully great Blog.

I was addicted even before we hit the water the first time. All I knew was: that must be exactly what I've been looking for ever since! Renè knew that all along, as soon as he saw my emotion and happiness learning more about this fantastic hobby. Thanks again Renè.

Never dive alone and let the stress at the surface! =)

Cheers Mirco

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