Freediving in Switzerland

Freediving in Switzerland is certainly pretty different to the tropic with all the colorful corals and fish. But you definitely don't want to miss the chance to fresh water dive in crystal clear mountain lakes or if you are brave enough even below ice? There are many many reason why you wanna give it a go.


Diving in Swiss lakes is different by the season you chose to hit the water. We have 4 pretty distinct seasons, warm/dry summer with up to 30-35 degrees Celsius and freezing cold winter as low as -10 or even lower. You can expect the water in Winter to be crystal clear with an awesome visibility but as you would guess, water temperature is pretty low. Coming out and get dry is a pain but definitely worth it. Especially ice diving, see a video here.


Swiss summer used to be really nice in the past. Water temperature vary a bit from lake to lake but can climb up to 24-25 degrees Celsius. Its to be mentioned that this is above the thermocline.




You are a traveler and want to dive in Switzerland and ask yourself where to go?

Below you find a small selection of nice Swiss diving spot.

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