Apnea Festival 2018 in Switzerland

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

The Apnea-Festival (4th + 5th August) in Switzerland is an annual happening where lots of Swiss freediving friends celebrate their passion for one-breath diving. That event took place for 5 times already. Its held in Weesen at the Walensee which is also known as Lake Walen or Lake Walenstadt, after the city Walenstadt. The Walensee is one of the larger lakes in Switzerland with a surface area of 24km2, average depth of 105m and a max. depth of 151m. Ideal to do deep dive trainings.

At the festival signed in a whole bunch of people, from beginner to pro from Switzerland (obviously right) as well as Germany and Austria. Such events are great to get to know each other and might even find diving-buddies around your area. The athmosphere at the festival reminds almost for a big family party. With 30 degrees celsius and blue skies, the weekend was really nice and warm, everyone loved to hop in the pleasant water.

There have been several workshops and trainings the whole weekend. From Monofin, Free Immersion, No Fin to Constant Weight everything could be trained. Furthermore we saw different deep relaxation techiques, pranayama yoga and streching for the whole body.

Another highlight was the competition on Sunday. No worries, even beginner had the chance to win the main prices. You told the judges your dept you are going to dive with a closed up mask, then you have been going to try to dive right to this dept. The closest one wins. You think that is easy!?? Give it a try at next years (6th) Apnea Festival on 3rd / 4th of August 2019 to win prices almost up to 2000.- EUR. Apply for early-bird tickets @ Freediving Ostschweiz.

The Apnea Festival Instructors did an awesome Job the whole weekend and I think I can speak for everybody: "we did learn a lot!" :)

Please give them some credits:

Rene Trost (Switzerland) -> Freediving Ostschweiz

Nik Lindner (Germany)

Samo Jeranko (Slovenia)

Tijana Nikolic (Serbia)

Never dive alone and let the stress at the surface! =)

Cheers Mirco

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