David Beckham - A New Freediving Champion??

I lately came across the awesome, lets called it freediving clip (and not advertisement from Tudor Watches ;) ) with David Beckham on his Instagram Feed: davidbeckham.

Celebrating Tudor’s Born To Dare spirit, David Beckham joins World Champion Free Diver and friend of Tudor, Morgan Bourchis in open water for Freediving.

"Freediving, such an incredible experience! Thank you @tudorwatch and @morganbourchis for pushing me to my limits." Beckham said.

Actually the clip is well made and you see a small view on how a freediving course could take place. Obviously they skipped the for the clip boring part where you learn all important and interesting facts and tips about the hobby. You also would learn things about Mask, Snorkels, Fins, Wetsuits etc. You can imagine there are not only different Brands on the market, also different products for different uses. Too boring for a clip in that format.

Freediving has a big focus on breathing as you can imagine.

You need to feel your body and realize what breathing actually mean and how to breath up properly for diving. Another important part is relaxation. You`d learn how to relax yourself for a dive. That was actually also the part which hooked me after I started Freediving since I generally have stress at work.

Once you are fully relaxed, stretched your body, you are prepared to get comfortable with breath holds. This section is called Static Apnea. Holding your breath as long as possible. To safe energy/oxygen, Freedivers generally lie in the water nice and relaxed and don't move and preferably also don't think too much. (see more Freediving Disciplines here)

In a Freediving course, you would also learn many more skills for a good open water session.

Such as how to have a proper fining technique, doing a duck dive and even how to safe somebody.

Starting a open water session, Freediver set up a buoy for safety and rest in between dives. Open water can be rough sometimes, so this kind of equipment is essential.

Attached to the buoy is a line with a bottom weight. Usually the bottom weight is your target where you want to dive and we set the line at this depth.

Since Freediver have limited air source (limited by the volume of your lungs instead of air tanks with scuba divers) Equalization becomes more difficult the deeper we try to dive.

This means a lot of training and getting comfortable with it.

Reaching the set goal is so satisfying. But also the way towards it is quite nice with Freediving. During descend we get into a free fall; the moment where gravity overcomes the buoyancy of your body and you dive effortless into the deep, is an awesome and relaxing feeling. You`d definitely enjoy that.

To sum it all up

This footage is quite nice. Thanks to David Beckham & Morgan Bourc`his for this journey and even more to Tudor to make it possible for us to see.

Check the full clip here

Never dive alone and let the stress at the surface! =)

Cheers Mirco

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