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Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Sometimes thing don't go as you wish, so I was quite busy at work and not able to plan my things around the next course. Luckily Renè from Freediving Ostschweiz was able to create a custom solution for some of us. Even better, since I was addictively training much for months already and thinking of getting a instructor in the future I was able to attend a Level 1 course and once again see how its is like. At that time of the year it was still quite ok to be in Swiss water (end of October / 13 degrees Celsius water temp. at the Walensee) So I gave tips and tricks here and there and felt awesome. =)

That was also the time to show my deep diving skills, -20m is required for SSI Level 2.

No problem for me after working out a Personal Best of -27m before. Level 2 also contains a rescue dive at -15m which was an interesting experience.

early morning picture of Walensee, as you can imagine, I was really exited to hit the water and went there way before which was good, I was calm as.

Time went by and even more trainings at the pool because Swiss winter do actually get cold. -> Like really, as you can imagine.

After passing the theory test there was the time to showing our skills at static apnea.

A breath-hold time of 2:30 is required for Level 2. Some of us had a bad time of reaching those 2:30 with the pressure of passing (me). Knowing that I am bad at STA and don't like it too much, the pressure was quite high. Even tough we all managed to pass. This to the great skill of Renè to get us all calm with stretching and a following meditation. A special stank here to my good friend & buddy Carlos for this amazing day.

Additionally we had to show a 50m bi-fin dynamic swim (DYN) and a 30 no fin dive (DNF). This wasn't as much pressure for me (after all those trainings) and I really looked forward to deliver those skills. (and it also went really well - new PB - happy feelings)

I signed in quite a while ago for Level 3 already. (even though I haven't even done my Level 2, but did trainings really hard) After reading a few emails from my school on Koh Tao, Thailand telling me to be prepared and getting calm with SSI Level 1 + 2 stuff, I felt a little pressured. Especially at the beginning of my training. After actually reaching Level 2 and did a lot more than I actually had to do I am felt quite confident. If you guys at Blue Immersion reading this -> I am feeling prepared. :)

BTW. Why did I decided to sign in for Level 3 on Koh Tao? Yes, its not too easy to find the right place for your training. Gonna write & post about that soon.... please feel free to follow this blog :)

Never dive alone and let the stress at the surface! =)

Cheers Mirco

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