Hektometer - Revolutionary Freediving Goggles

once you reach a certain level, you definitely reach the point where you ask yourself which is an alternative to your low volume diving mask. Or you struggle with your beard and a google that fit you? There are many reasons why you could look for something new.

Definitely worth looking at the Hektometer Googles.

How do Hektometer goggles work:

The principle is quite simple: as you descend the silicone membrane placed on the inside of the frame will move towards your eyes, decreasing the volume of the airspace within the goggles. Simultaneously, water will flow through a small hole into the space between the frame and the membrane. On return to the surface the mechanism inverts and the water will flow out again.

Advantages of Hektometer goggles

1. you won’t have to equalize the mask* any more - its automatic!

2. you will be able to concentrate on the equalization of your ears - mouthfill becomes easy!

3. by using a noseclip you will be able to equalize hands-free - the dream of every freediver!

4. you will be more hydrodynamic - Hektometer goggles create almost no resistance compared to a mask. More importantly, you will gain in efficiency from a streamlined position of your arms due to hands-free equalization

5. you will need less weight - as you won’t have to carry unnecessary air in your lungs, just for equalizing the mask

6. with the same amount of air you will be able to dive deeper - as all the air will be available for equalizing your ears properly

7. you will be able to dive longer as you can use the total air you inhale at surface

8. you will be more relaxed as there will be one less problem for you to worry about on your journey

9. equalization will get easier because you can equalize more often with less force (frenzel technique)

10. mouthfill equalization will become a piece of cake! mouthfill is the ultimate way to equalize! Thanks to the Hektometer goggles it will become even easier. We recommend it to any depth, even for shallow dives and to absolute beginners. …and it is the best way to take care of your ears!

11. bearded freedivers will not be annoyed any more by water entering the mask

* in traditional diving you have to equalize the mask while descending, i.e. you have to exhale air into your mask in order to avoid the phenomenon known as mask squeeze, and the subsequent injuring of your eyes. Hektometer goggles avoid all of this with a simple automatic equalizing system.

Just in case you wanna give the Hektometer a go. They are shipped also with a great nose clip which looks basic at the beginning but offers great comfort.

Check out: Hekotmeter for more details or your order.

Never dive alone and let the stress at the surface! =)

Cheers Mirco

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