How And Why I Bought Shark DiveR Australia Fins

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

As a shark loving person, I came across some beautiful shark fins blades at the Apnea Festival. Was love at first sight! Catchy colors in combination with sharks, this was a must have it moment. Bought them straight away and put them on my Mares foot pockets, thanks Renè from Freediving Ostschweiz.

As off their website, DiveR defined itself as following:

"DiveR is an Australian based company producing top of the line fins for freediving

and spearfishing.

A custom epoxy resin system and aerospace grade fabric produce a fin that transfers load progressively from the heel to the toe: more power with less effort.

All fins are made by company founder Ray Powell at his workshop in Queensland, Australia.

Each pair of fins comes with a three year warranty. Your choice of art means that while you're hitting new depths,you're also turning heads. Fin designs are applied during production as a part of the resin, not as a stick on decal." -> Learn more about the next level diving fins here

After testing the fins in comparison to my already great Mares Razor Apnea (Fiberglass / medium) I received much more efficiency for my deep dives (CWT), also during DYN dives. My Sharky fins are carbon fibre and also medium hardness like the Mares. DiveR also provides composite fins and they all can come in soft and medium hardness with or without foot pockets. We don't have to talk about the awesome designs DiveR builds. You better check them here yourself.

Speaking about the design and color. The other day I wore them at fun deep dive in Swiss Lakes and the fins attracted an about 1,5m Catfish. It seemed like he really wondered whats happening in his district. Even fin-waving wouldn't scare him off. I guess he felt like we will if we out of a sudden see flying saucers. Not sure if you saw such a big catfish before, but they actually do look quite scary =)

To sum it up; I love these eye catching fins with an awesome quality, totally worth the quite high price compared to my other fins. Thanks to Renè from Freediving Ostschweiz to make it even possible to buy those.

Never dive alone and let the stress at the surface! =)

Cheers Mirco

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