How To Get Your Wetsuit Dry Very Quick

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Nothing is worse than getting excited for your next dive and guess what, still having a wet wetsuit around. I love to remember a meeting with my freediving instructor once we headed into the water and he recognized my wet buoy/rope; "Your stuff doesn't even get dry, does it!?"

When you are looking for pretty frequent divings, that is a "problem" you definitely become handy with. Some of you knew me longer than others. But I do have to work to make a living like everybody else, too. So I came across an awesome gimmick for free divers. How would you best want to hang up your trousers and jacket? Well, here is a little tipp how you could do it in the future:

Andreas, which certainly is also a Freediver, did a great job designing those Freediving-Wetsuit hanger with salt water resistant PVC-U pipes. It is available in a whole Set, or single products as shown below.

To dry Trousers is a difficult part, because you want to dry them evenly including the legs.

If you would hang them over something like a chair, they don't get totally dry.

To dry a Jacket is easy right? Just use common hanger. Most water prof & saltwater resistant once are not strong enough to hold a fully wet wetsuit on a rocking live aboard or day trip boat. That is why you would need something stronger here.

How to get your wetsuit dry the fastest way: You don't like putting on a cold, wet, wetsuit. Nobody does. It's an uncomfortable experience, but necessary if you want to hit the water more than once in a day.

To get your wetsuit drying faster there are a few simple hacks to try:

Rinse and hangAfter rinsing, hang it up on a wide plastic hanger like described above, inside out. Hang it in a breezy or windy area out of the sun. An exposure to UV rays will damage the neoprene. Leave it for about 30 minutes. (the water in the wetsuit will start to pool in the lower arms and legs)

SqueezeNow squeeze the pooled water out of each arm and leg. Start at the top and squeeze your way down to the wrist. On the lower end, start at the thigh and squeeze your way down to the ankles. Repeat this step after waiting another 30 minutes.

Leave to dryLeave your wetsuit hanging in the breeze for another hour or two. After this time it should be dry enough to put on comfortably. Drying time is dependent on the type of neoprene and lining your wetsuit is made of. Good luck :)

If you for some reason have products or ideas which is better to use, let us know below in the comments :)

Extra tips for colder areas / winter During Winter or in cold conditions, drying your wetsuit will take longer especially outside. Bathrooms are generally well ventilated rooms - perfect for drying a wetsuit. Hang your wetsuit in the shower or over the bathtub and squeeze the water out of the arms and legs a few times in the first two hours.

Never dive alone and let the stress at the surface! =)

Cheers Mirco

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