Ice Freediving / How To Dive Under Ice

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Certain regions around the world offer a spectacular opportunity to dive in ice cold water.

Either you living in a country which gets chilly in Winter, or you saw fantastic pictures about it. Ice diving is something magical & you have a visibility like you would not have in other conditions. Whatever your aim is to give Ice Freediving a go, there are certain things to be considered.

water / location suitability for ice diving

Is the location you are planning to dive safe & suitable for ice diving?

You are taking a lot of equipment with you, so you would want to have a short access to your car.

legal regulations

Does the location has any particular regulations?

You might need permission to dive, check that in advance.

educational requirements & know how

It is the key to have all necessary & educational skills you need to dive.

Diving in ice cold water adds a difficulty which is not to be underestimated.

required equipment

As you can guess, where you find ice, the water must be cold. Like really cold.

That needs a proper insulation to keep body warmth. One key is the accurately sit of your wetsuit. As soon as you have water circulation inside your wetsuit, game over -> you will freeze immediately. This does not even mater how thick your wetsuit is.

-> custom wetsuit is best solution here.

buddy system

Like in every other freediving session; NEVER DIVE ALONE!

You want do buddy up with a buddy you trust 100%.

Even better when you do it with the same buddy as your frequent freediving trainings.


You cannot agree to all the mentioned circumstances above? Winter-wonderland is also nice outside the water which contains various threats. Otherwise look for a professional tour operator so you can actually enjoy it AND stay on the safe side.

Never dive alone and let the stress at the surface! =)

Cheers Mirco

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