Interview With Australian Freediver Adam Stern

This week I was lucky enough to speak with Adam Stern.

Adam is a competitive freediver, Australian champion and 8 x Australian freediving record holder.

Hey Adam! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Why did you start to freedive?

I didn't really plan or anticipate my entry into freediving. I was backpacking around SE Asia and I just took a freediving course. I loved the course so I just kept training and then all of a sudden I was traveling more to freedive than for anything else.

When you think back after all these years freediving, what was the happiest moment you had?

This is actually a hard question because there have been so many individual happy moments. But if I had to choose one moment it would have been my 99m Free Immersion dive I did at Vertical Blue in 2018. It was a magical dive that just felt amazing from top to bottom and back.

What do you think was the key you are where you are now?

The key for me was just to constantly keep my ego in check and do my own dives for my own reasons. It's not an easy thing too! Sometimes my little ego monster has gotten the best of me. But the purer my motivations for diving the better my diving goes.

Why do you like to do freediving?

I love the sensations of freediving. The feeling of falling deeper and deeper into the ocean. I love it so much that I seek in my life is to do it again and again haha

Do you have any recommendation for beginners?

Just take a freediving course and make sure that you never push yourself. Dive always within the limits of your comfort and pleasure. You will progress faster that way!

What problems do you see advanced Freedivers tend to have?

Negative dive experiences make a large impact on the mind and I often see divers stuck at depths because they have pushed themselves too much when they were first starting out. That and...equalisation issues! haha so many divers have issues with their equalisation but usually these divers just need more equalisation training.

Final thought or tip for all Freedivers?

So often freediving is all about the community you do it with. So find a freediving club or center and join the community. Freedivers tend to be pretty awesome people as well.

Thank you Adam for your Time answering our questions!


On Adams freediving trip to Tonga you will get the opportunity to dive with humpback whales as well as take part in freediving courses with world class freedivers. Meet the giants of the ocean and explore the stunning waters of Tonga. See with your own eyes how the deepest creatures (and humans) in the whole world dive.

If you want to learn more about Adam Sterns Courses & Trips, see or support him on . There you are also able to see additional content for freediver you cannot find on his well known YouTube Channel.

Never dive alone and let the stress at the surface! =)

Cheers Mirco

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