Single Used Plastic At The Red Sea

Ban on disposable plastic on the Red Sea

Good news from Hurghada: The Egyptian province of Red Sea is banning disposable plastic to protect the sea. While such a step will take years in the EU, Egypt is much faster to implement.

Disposable plastic products such as bags, crockery and cutlery will be banned in June in the Red Sea Province. Governor Ahmed Abdallah announced last wednesday that he wanted to protect the Red Sea with its beautiful coral reefs and unique wildlife.

Plastic bags in the water look like jellyfish - the favorite food of turtles. If they are eaten, the animals suffocate or they starve to death because the stomach is filled with plastic.


Plastic is a danger to marine life. Everyone knows the terrible photos (see above), where turtles eat bags, because they confuse them with jellyfish, which are among their main food source. Or the pictures of deceased whales with kilos of plastic found in their stomachs. How many sea creatures die of plastic - they can suffocate or starve to death by the plastic-filled stomach - is not known.

But as dramatically littered our seas are, more and more non-nautical athletes become more aware. And there is an urgent need to do something to protect the oceans and their inhabitants! Egypt is faster than the EUMany countries have declared war on plastic waste - a good and important step. Egypt, however, is implementing its new ruling, which will take effect from June, on a gratifyingly fast pace. By comparison, the adopted ban on disposable plastic products in the EU is much later - by 2021 such products must disappear from the market.

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