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Updated: May 22, 2019

You probably know the Y-40 in Italy? Another even deeper pool will be available in autumn 2019 in Poland. Flyspot / Deepspot. You can dive down to 45 meters!

Mszczonow never heard? The village, located 40 kilometers from the Polish capital Warsaw, is known for its thermal spring. This will be different for divers soon! Because here in Poland "deep spot" is the deepest pool in the world. Perfect for Indoor diving. In 25 meters begins a vertical shaft, which leads to 45 meters depth. But there are not only deep dives for scuba and freedivers. Special areas in the facility can also be used for the training of cave and wreck dives.

45 meters diving depth and practice opportunities for wreck and cave divers. ©

The "Deep Spot" is five meters deeper than the 40 meter deep "Y-40 Deep Joy" pool in Italy near Padua. In 2014, this indoor-diving center replaced the former record holder "Nemo 33" in Brussels, Belgium (35 meters). But even the Polish record for Indoor diving could soon be history, because next year, the British want to offer a whopping 50 meters diving depth 100 kilometers northeast of London, in the "Blue Abyss" in Colchester.

A tunnel and windows - including the window of a hotel - provide for lively communication between divers and other visitors. ©

45 meters in crystal clear water. If you have been to ten meters deep Monte Mare, to Dive4Life at 20 meters or to one of the other facilities for scuba diving, maybe even in Belgium or Italy, you have a rough idea of ​​how gigantic that will feel! Speaking of gigantic: The pool holds 8000 cubic meters of water, which is equivalent to the amount of 27 Olympic pools.

There should be deep feelings in the tunnel of the "Deep Spot" even for non-divers. ©

At 34 degrees water temperature, many divers will need a tropical diving suit even on longer dives. Outstanding training opportunities for dedicated warm water divers who still want to practice in our latitudes for the next diving holiday in tropical climes. Indoor diving is perfect for this! And non-divers, who have made the underwater feeling in the completely transparent tunnel curious, can book a course directly on site.

Check out more about the Deep Spot here.

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