Why I Started This Freediving Blog

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Let the journey begin where it actually happend: At the Beach!

At a very young age I was already addicted to water. Got blue lips on regular basis with my family in the water. Over the years kept all sorts of fish in tanks and bred corals. I am interested in all sorts of marine life. No wonder I always wanted to start diving. After a few "try scuba" dives on holidays I couldn`t wait any longer for a buddy to joining my adventure and started taking courses by myself. Over the years I dove in different oceans as a AOWD diver. Was lucky enough to dive with sharks many times which I love. ​I was always annoyed to bubble and beeing the noise generator while scuba and thats why I always loved to get into Freediving. Thats where I started the hobby but I was meant to write about why I started this blog, right!?

What is Like-A.Fish and why did I start this? From my passion for freediving, traveling and the love of sharing experience. As of November 2018, I set myself the goal to capture the world of freedive in a way that let people realize there is more than their 9-5 job.

Finally, a huuuge thank you from me for checking out my website. Without you reading it I wouldn't be doing it. So cheers to you. Btw. I am Mirco, a creative who is creating the freediving related content under the name of Like-A.Fish.

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Never dive alone and let the stress at the surface! =)

Cheers Mirco

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